Fentanyl Test Strips

You can check your drugs to see if fentanyl is present with fentanyl test strips. When used properly, test strips are reliable and can be an important step to take. But test strips aren’t always 100% accurate. Even when drugs test negative, remain highly cautious and prepared to use naloxone in case the test is a false negative. Test strips can be found online, via syringe access programs, and Denver residents can order them directly from the county.

This is Worth Repeating

There are a lot of good resources where you can learn more about test strips. A good place to start is the CDC. DanceSafe also has very thorough information about drug checking. You can order test strips on their site or via End Overdose.

Also, try a Google search for “Colorado fentanyl test strips.” More and more counties, health departments, nonprofits, colleges and others are offering strips, and some are even free.

If you are in Colorado, you might be able to get strips from a local syringe access program or harm reduction organization.